Hello world and using the concept behind Progressive Enhancement as a development strategy.

I have struggled making my personal page for a while. Over the years I scrapped and started anew more times than I care to admit. I have had a lot of potentially great ideas for it that never saw the light of day, most often not because I was not capable of making them a reality. Instead, it was because I either lacked time or focus to deliver the complete package and if I wasn’t going to make my site perfect, was there any reason to build it?

Tldr; Yes.

The word progressive in progressive enhancement means creating a design that achieves a simpler-but-still-usable experience for users of older browsers and devices with limited capabilities, while at the same time being a design that progresses the user experience up to a more-compelling, fully-featured experience for users of newer browsers and devices with richer capabilities. Source - MDN

Progressive Enhancement has been around for a while and with the rise of projects like Astro or Qwik, the buzzword seemed to follow me with rising intensity. In my case, instead of technical progessive enhancement that serves user with the main content than then gets enriched as assets and javascript load, I am going to use it as a development philosophy for this page.

Instead of designing the entire page in figma then labouring over technical feature before finally releasing it into the wild. I am making a most barebones version of the page with the core functionality. If you are reading this soon after the post has been published, chances are you are greeted with a simple landing page, that has a CTA button and some half-assed slogan in bold letters and a navbar that leads to a hardly working contact form and this not so pleasant, barely formatted blog (shoutout to Tailwind typography plugin for making this so much easier).

It’s fine though. Working as intended. Now the goal is to add features one-by-one and progressively enhance the website.

Screenshots with the current state of the page, at the moment of writing.

image image image image